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In March we had to close due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Income suddenly disappeared and Lessons in Ballroom, LLC debt for Rent, Utililities and other Essential Operating Expenses quickly accumulated to more than $20,000.  We negotiated a transfer of our lease to a new owner, West End Ballroom, LLC  Currently for Safety and Simplified Maintenance & Management, West End Ballroom, LLC, is operating as a Members Only Dance Facility.  Compliance with Virginia Governor's Executive Order #67 would not be feasible if Dance Classes and other Services were offered.  Due to lost income we have not corrected all of our webpages so be aware that website schedules and prices are no longer in effect.  We will continue to seek solutions to resume Dance Activities similar to those offered before whenever it's safe.

Are you ready to learn and have fun with Latin & Ballroom dancing?  You can learn from the best teachers in the Richmond area.  Our terrific teachers and students offer the best support possible for social dance students and also for serious students preparing for competition.   The Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center is the best facility in central Virginia for learning, practicing, and having fun with Ballroom Dancing.

Private Lessons will be available 7 days a week.  Private Dance Lessons at Special Low Price ($80).   First Dance Lessons and Dancing for Weddings Every Day.

Fall-Winter Schedule now - 7:30pm Sundays, 7:30pm Wednesdays, 7:30pm Fridays.  If you want updates and extra details, go to and Register.  You'll get email with details. 

Learn & have Fun - See several Great Options to Quickly Learn Some Dancing You Really Use - Get Special Coupon - click here

No Partner necessary!    Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot and more  Beginners can learn Popular Dances and even some Fancy Dance Moves that will make your friends say "Wow" 

Any Friday is good night to get started. Come at 7:30pm to Learn some Good Dancing Fast.  Beginners can do this!  

Friday Nights now start at 7:30 with a 45 minute Class where you can learn some Cool Dance Moves  (no previous experience necessary).  The Class will be followed by 45 minutes (maybe more soon) of music so you can practice your Dancing and maybe get a little help from Instructors.   The Charge for these sessions is $8 per person or $15 per couple.  For Discount Coupons and info about our Special Classes go to and register.

The "Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center" has a great dance floor, nice furnishings, and the most helpful and friendly staff anywhere.   "Lessons in Ballroom" is spacious with casual elegance.  This convenient far west-end site on Ridgefield Pkwy at John Rolfe Pkwy has lots of well-lit parking. 

We offer the best opportunities to learn and enjoy Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Salsa, Swing, Jive, Tango, Waltz, Samba, Foxtrot, and many other popular dances.

Our instructors are the best dancers and most experienced Latin & Ballroom dance teachers in the metro Richmond area.  We have isolated smaller areas for teaching and practice

There are no compromises at "Lessons in Ballroom".  You can have the best dance instruction at the best facility with the best teachers.  You can enjoy dancing to the best music on the best floor.  We have lots of comfortable seating in our nice lounge areas.

See more about social dance opportunities and great fun at

West End Latin & Ballroom Dance Club is a new group of dancers, dance students, and instructors who meet often for lessons, practice and dance parties.  We have several regularly scheduled activities on Mondays, Wednesdays,  and Fridays and frequent impromptu activities. 


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