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Sam Atkinson, Studio Manager
Sam has over 20 years experience as an International Style Latin and Standard Ballroom dancer. Originally trained by Dan Callaway, Sam continued to train with Kamil Szpindowski and Garry Gekhman. Sam, with a variety of partners, has many 1st place awards in regional competitions in International Amateur divisions; he has also been coached by US and International Champions including Sammy Stopford & Barbara McColl, Corky & Shirley Ballas, Nick Cotton & Debbie Avalos, Stephen & Lindsey Hillier, John Hatton and Rickey Geiger.

Sam seeks to clearly present the most important issues of movement and connection and apply them to a variety of dances of different rhythms. His goal is to simplify the student's learning agenda by developing fundamental skills for partner dancing that serve as a foundation for all ballroom dances. 

 Garry Gekhman, 2007 US Professional Ballroom Champion and winner of 18 major North American Professional Standard competitions in '06 - '08, coaches amateur competitor couples and also focuses on developing outstanding female competitors for both Standard and Smooth Pro-Am events. Garry is the strongest International Style Standard coach ever to frequent any Richmond studio, has workshops exclusively at our studio. Garry's workshops fill up quickly, so contact the studio early to reserve your place. Garry's professional competition results are here, some performance videos are here.

Mike & Rose-Ann Lynch, students of Vlad Dolya and the 2016 USA National Champions in American Smooth and International Standard Dancing say this about Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center - We are so fortunate to enjoy the gracious hospitality and availability of the Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center - a spacious facility befitting tremendous teachers - has truly set us up for success.  We're there every Saturday ... learning, working, dancing, laughing, and loving every minute of it.

Alan Dixon - Outstanding Visiting Coach - 3 times Undefeated United Kingdom Ten Dance Champion - Richmond Area Coaching Sessions held Exclusively at Lessons in Ballroom Dance Center  

If you want more Information or to make an appointment for a private lesson please send e-mail or call. 

Expert Volunteer Teachers and Assistants - Many of the best dancers and most knowledgeable experts about Latin and Ballroom dancing are amateurs who volunteer to assist and teach in exhange for use of the studio for practice. Some of these volunteers have teaching certificates but choose to volunteer instead of teaching for compensation (which may affect their eligibility to compete as amateurs). Most of these volunteers are taking lessons now from the best dancers and dance teachers from Washington DC to New York City. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with these volunteer experts and learn from them the best technique and training methods of the truly great dancers and instructors. 

New Instructors Coming Soon - Positions are available for independent instructors and volunteers   Send inquires by e-mail to Lessonsin This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Instructor Training is Available - If you are ready to teach and learn fast, we can train you to teach Latin and Ballroom Dancing.  Please send an e-mail message with details about yourself, your motivations and availability.  Lessonsin This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it